Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hello- Part 2


    I walk into the room and look at her laughing, in my mind she is turning me on. I allow my mind to play back  to seeing my wife pleasure herself. Okay, Pierre let's stay focus man and teach your wife the lesson she deserves I repeat to myself over and over again. I walk in and say,

" You know what Baby, I am tired of your damn games. Our marriage isn't a damn joke or a game."

Her smile turns to a state of shock.  I walk up to her, she is on her knees lean back on the couch. My facial expression doesn't change, I turn my head because at that moment she is too damn sexy as she bites her bottom lip.

" I can't do this anymore. What am I going to do with you? " I sigh.

She gives that look that melt away my anger, the look that had me on my damn knees saying, " will you marry me?"

The look that has me insanely in love with her. In truth she gets on my damn nerves big time  but the one fact  remains is I can't live without her. I realize that is what makes me tolerate her bullshit and foolery. My marriage is worth fighting for but I'm about to teach her ass a lesson.

" I'm going home tonight Misma'am, until you get yourself together I'm going back to D'". I turn around  to walk away and head for the door.

I hear her beg, " Pierre, don't leave yet."

I turn to look at her and I ask, " Why?"

She licks her lips and boldly say, " I want to apologize but not from the words that is coming from my mouth but the actions that they perform. "

She licks her lips as if she was wetting her whistle. Okay,  let me get my damn mind out of the gutter and walk out.  I sigh and look down he is not paying my ass any mind. I would like services from Baby and then it hits me. I think back to earlier her walking away and leaving. Why shouldn't my wife give me the pleasure and then leave her ass hot and horny.

I asked, " So let me make sure I got this right you want to apologize not with words but actions. How is that possible?" She wiggle her finger for me to come here.

" Nah, I'm good. I have work in the morning." Temptation is a bitch and right now my wife was doing an excellent job messing with me.Her bedroom eyes calling me, her sexual synergy on a all time high.

She smiles as she takes off my wife beater. She seductively takes off her pants. She lays back on the couch and kicks off her jeans. I bite my finger and he down there is ready to explode. I hold my composure as she walks up close to me. I take a step back so she won't pull me in and stare at the floor and even her damn toes are sexy. I examine her and for a voluptuous woman she has always been sexy. The fullness of her thigh, the tattoo of my name on the inside of her thigh, her ankle bracelet with the letter B. Her huge ass that sits high and kisses the sky.

She purred, " Can I at least get a goodnight kiss."

"No."  I answer sternly.

 I  go to the door and she gets so close , I now smell her need to be sexed, it's stronger than the perfume she's wearing. She said, " just one kiss , I know you are so mad right now at me. I understand that but do you  know I love you." I sucked in a big breath and said,

"Just one, Baby?

" Just one to call a truce to my madness. A kiss to acknowledge the future and not the past."

She reaches up on her tippy toes and with that she gently kisses me and I in return. Damn why does she have to be so damn sensuous?

She whispers in my ear, " Good night, my King!"

She walks away and I think to myself, just let her apologize with her lips, when I'm done I get up and fucking leave. Yeah that's the plan. I never got this service from my wife at least not oral and I know if I pass up the chance it may be years from now.

" You know what , you do owe me an apology. I want it and I feel as if I deserve it so give it to me." I smirk.

She looks over her shoulder, run her fingers  through her hair. She walks slowly toward me. No words spoken on only the sound of my belt buckle and my zipper. Only the feel of her warm hands on my hips as she pushes them down. She looks at me. I feel her lips touch the head of him, she kisses it . I can't take my eyes off her as she allows her tongue to circle the head. I moan and close my eyes but I need to see the full apology effect.

I say, " It's okay to tease now. Do it , Baby."

She follows directions well as she allows her lips to kiss  each part of my shaft. My knees buckle not because I never had someone perform oral sex on me but the fact my wife is doing it for the first time in the eight years we've been married. She then licks slow and then fast. I grab a hand full of her hair and I say,

" One more time, please baby."

She repeats her actions. I anticipate the moment she puts all of me in her mouth. She strokes me slow and she licks her lips. She winks at me and I pull her head closer as she lands the eagle. I feel like crying tears of enjoyment and complete ecstasy I man up. She sucks me as if she is a professional.

She twists and  licks  and sucks  my stick  until I am saying, " Oh my  damn this shit feel good." I want to pull her off of me but instead I push my head deeper.

I feel like cumming  but instead I say, " Baby, I'm done. Work tomorrow, you work tomorrow."

For the record I don't want her to stop. Right now , I don't want the party to end but it has to. I won't win,before I could talk she takes me back in her mouth. I'm suppose to say get off me and let me get my ass out of here instead I let her continue until I can't take no more. I lift her off me. I slide to the floor, lay her down and yes you guess it, the party was just beginning.

     I open her legs and gaze at her shaven pussy bald except for the letters of my name. I lick it through the panties, she taste like sweet mango and coconut, I smell the lust that seeps out of her. It intoxicating  as I rip her panties off I suck on each of her lips she said, " I miss this." I swirl my tongue around her clit as it swells.

By now Baby is losing control. I whisper, " Don't you dare?"

She trying to control the spasms running through her body as I go deeper and deeper.

" I need to cum, my King. As I go deeper with my tongue I shake my head no. I hold onto her hips as she pulling her hair then squeezing on mines. I have total control of her body I abruptly stop, I leave her squirming and confused as to why.

       I look at her and every emotion anger, desire, love and lust is boiling. I look at her and kiss her so hard and passionately I feel dizzy but that isn't going to stop me from getting it in.  I rip off her bra that's the anger and lust side flaring up,her  breast sitting there full,soft, her nipples looking like Hershey kisses and I Kiss them because I've miss them.

She moans my name, " Pierre!"

I push them together licking and nibbling them. She squirms and I stop to watch her.A woman so emerged in her passion and at the height of  her sexual self is so beautiful. The way her back is arched, her biting the bottom of her lips, every inch of her naked and exposed pure eroticism.

I say, " Touch yourself like in the movie you made."

" No, I would prefer you to do it?" She moaned as she sucks her finger.

" Do it!" I demand.

" Like this Pierre." She massages and squeezes her breast. Her tongue move out like a snake

" Yep. No more discussion  just do it."

She runs her hand down to her belly button. She opens her legs and insert her finger into her kitty. I watch her as she breaths hard and moves her body as if she whining to reggae music.I'm so overwhelmed but I have my hand on myself massaging him. Our breathing ragged and heavy. I move her hand as I can't and  she can't take it anymore. I guide myself into her and she feels so warm,

" I have been waiting to feel you in me all day long."  She  moans.

I  go deeper as she  wraps her legs around me. I work on her in the missionary position. She arches her back rising on her elbow head back. She's enjoying me and I her. I watch her as I bring her deep pleasure.

I whisper, " Do you miss me?" 

I take her legs and put it over my shoulders. " Ooh yes I miss you, My King!"

I go faster as she moan and screams every obscenity she normally wouldn't say.  I stop  and lay down she crawls to me, with each step her hair falls to her face. She looks so damn sexy!

"  She said to me, " I love you Pierre." She kisses my ankles, my legs, in between my thighs. " I love everything about you, My King!"  She sucks each of my nut sacks.

Baby lowers herself on me. She mounts her warm goodness on me. I grab her  hips as she goes up and down. I feel like volcano as she picks her tempo I'm ready to erupt. I pull her hair, I kiss  and rub her nipples. I want to talk but  when she lends her body back and  her head is touching my feet while still riding me. I lose it as she has total control.
I say, " You know what I like?"

She get on all fours I enter her. I take an emotional ride as I go from lust, love , anger and admiration.
 I erupt  and fall onto her back.  I kiss her over and over again, let my tongue lick off her sweat and rub on her ass.

I catch my breath and say, " Daddy's home and I'm not leaving."

She asks, " Are we okay now? Can we make us work?"

I think for a minute and say, " I believe so."  I kiss her forehead and pull her close to me. I feel her lips kiss my chest and then her fingers rubbing my hair." You are my king, and I never want you to leave."

" Hey, I like that side of you. You know the freak mama. Where that come from?"

" Your porno's and a lot of what I fantasize about doing but always scare to do!"

" I knew it. Why did  it take you eight years to to...." She cuts me off with her lips.

" It was always told to me it was only for whores to do. Yes I have been curious on numerous occasions, even fantasize about it. I thought you'd lose respect for me."

"Hell no, what you did tonight was so fucking amazing. Look, what you and I do in our bedroom as husband and wife is our business. You should never feel like we can't explore one another fantasies. That's not just sex, Baby. It's anything that won't have me dead or  broken up in the hospital. I'm here." They laugh and she lightly taps his arm.

She pulls me closer and if I never felt any security in my life with my wife that moment seal it.

" If I didn't say it before I really sorry for hurting you. I would rather leave you than cheat with some one else. I love you so damn much, I do. You drive me crazy  but I can't see my life without you Misma'am."

" I can't see my life without either, My King."

I listen to her soft snores and realize that she is all I need in my life. I kiss her forehead and play in her hair as I follow her lead and fall asleep.


Our relationship is on point now. For the record the only games I play with my husband is dress up. Tonight I am Nurse Big Booty and he is Dr. Nice and Long. We as husband and wife have learn to appreciate one another. We have learned that what we can tolerate and what we will not. Anything worth keeping is worth fighting for. In love you will never  have the ideal relationship. Some of us  women still believe that fairy tales come true. Here's what I learn about my marriage create your own story. He and I will disagree, go through the motions because that is what life is about. We need to keep the spice and romance in our love life, not be afraid to venture out the norm and not allow inhibitions into our bedroom.

I also have allow myself to understand that my husband deserves to chill with his boys. He is my husband and not my child so I shouldn't treat him like one. I treat him with respect,admiration and enjoy my love for him. I listen to him when he speaks versus speaking over him.We're still growing but now I can honestly say I am a better wife to my husband.

If you'll excuse me I have to prepare to say "Hello" to my husband. Ladies, instead of nagging, bitching and complaining to your husband say " Hello, how was your day." Then give him the treat he deserves.

© 2011 Tamyara Brown-Tamluvstowrite

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